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Patralekha is one of the most talented actresses in Bollywood, her performance in her debut film ‘Citylights’ has made both critics and the general public take note of her histrionics.  The  actress makes no bones of the fact that Rajkummar Rao, the National Award winning actor, is her boyfriend.  The couple’s chemistry in the film has been much appreciated. The 24 year old actress, who was actually called Anwita Paul, says that she is open to doing bold films and has no inhibitions about intimate scenes. She says, “But it depends on the script and the director, as to how he films the sequences.”

Bengal born Patralekha said, “I don’t mind doing bold movies or sequences that require me to be inhibition-free. I liked the script of Citylights, there was no reason for me to turn it down.”  Though the couple are in a committed relationship, they have not gone public together with the announcement.  A source says ,  “The two do not want their relationship to overwhelm the film. Secondly, they are busy on their careers at the moment, now.” Patralekha says, “We are seeing each other, there is nothing more to say. I am 24 and he is 29, we are bound to date.”

Patralekha is all praise for her beau. She says, “ Rajkummar is a versatile actor, he is superb in his work. He is like a chameleon, he becomes the character when he does a film. He is quite jovial and funny in real life, he is nothing like he is shown in films.”

The 5 feet 5 inches tall Patrelekha says that Anwita is actually her pet name. She replies, “ “Patralekha is my actual name, given by my grandmother, who was a poetess. People found the name too long and Anwita became my pet name. But Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt wanted me to retain my original name.”  The actress said that Hansal Mehta was the biggest reason for her to do the film. She says, “He is a very talented director.”

In the official adaptation of the British Film ‘Metro Manila’, Patralekha plays the role of a Rajasthani village girl. She adds, “ Rajkummar does not guide me or anything. Each one of us has  a different journey and I have to learn from my success and failure.”  She says that she got the role on her own merit and not because of recommendation by Rajkummar. She says, “ By saying this, you are casting aspersions on the likes of Hansal sir and Bhatt sir. Fox Star Studios will not invest money just because I am Rajkummar Rao’s girlfriend. Nor will Hansal sir take the risk because he has to launch Rajkummar’s girlfriend. I had to go through five rounds of auditions before I got the role.”

Patralekha holds Vidya Balan in high esteem and says that she is her inspiration.  She says, “I have been watching Vidya m’am’s work since Parineeta. I wanted to become an actress like her and Vidya Balan is a huge inspiration in my life.”

Patralekha  says that filming the intimate scene for Citylights was quite tough. She says, “It is not easy, because there are so many people watching you. Also, intimacy is a personal space and it is open for the world to see. So, it was difficult for me to be mentally focused on a scene like that.” But she said that director Hansal Mehta made them feel comfortable and even made everyone leave the sets, so that she could concentrate better.

Patralekha says that she is open to offers from movies in all languages, be it regional like Telugu, Tamil, Bengali or even Hollywood. She says, “Everyone wants to go to Hollywood. Obviously, I want to work there.  I have grown up watching actresses like Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet and would love to work with them.” However, when it comes to actors, she loves Bollywood. Among the contemporary ones, she says, “ Rajkummar is my favorite for obvious reasons and after him Ranbir. I also like  Ranveer and Siddharth.” She says that she would love to television but movies are a priority for her.

Before venturing into movies, the spunky actress was a model who has endorsed brands like Tata Docomo, Blackberry, Timepass Magazine and Rudra Builders

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