PK or Oh My God which is a better film?

Both PK and Oh My God have got a fantastic response in the box office, with PK (2014) turning out to be Bollywood’s biggest blockbuster and highest grossing Indian film ever, surpassing 300 crore in domestic market and earning more than 611 crore worldwide.    It is also the 65th highest grossing movie of 2014  worldwide.

The 2012 movie Oh My God made in just Rs.20 crore earned Rs.105 crore. PK which has earned 611 crores in box office was made with an investment of Rs. 85 crores

 Why the comparison between PK and Oh My God?

Both movies had a similar theme in which the protagonists expressed their disappointment on how people have been fooled by Godmen.  Both movies attacked the superstitious beliefs and rituals followed by Indians due to blind faith.   In fact, some say that PK was to release earlier but had to change few portions of their content because of the similarity with Oh My God.

Which is a better movie – Oh My God or PK?

oh my god paresh rawal

oh my god scene

  In PK, Paresh Rawal who plays Kanji Lalji Mehta plays an atheist Hindu who decides to plead a case against God for destroying his shop full of idols.  He continues to be adamant to seek justice and exposes many superstitions in the society, with aid from Lord Krishna who himself comes to support his cause.

pk movie aamir khan funny scene

pk movie funny scene

PK on the other hand, is the story about an alien who is robbed of his remote control  in Earth.  People advise him to ask God for help and the alien becomes genuinely confused with the different sets of religions and rituals.  As he understands the religious differences in the society, he also comes aware of the way superstition and blind-faith are used to extract money by people who call themselves managers of God.

In terms of content, Oh My God has been bolder and uncompromising.  PK despite attracting more controversies than PK, was a tamer film.  But when it comes to entertainment and humor, PK emerges as a better film. If you are looking for originality, Oh My God wins.


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