Preity Zinta without makeup

Preity Zinta still manage to look gorgeous without makeup. The actress who has faced hurdles in life from underworld threats to molestation case with ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia, still manages to keep a positive grip of her life

At 39, Preity Zinta continues to look strikingly beautiful and youthful, the bubbly-nature is still very much present.  She is a bundle of knowledge and likes to backup her words of wisdom with the ‘whys’.

She said, “Have lot of water, first thing you get up in the morning because it can cure up to 23 diseases in your body. Preferably keep water overnight in a copper vessel.  Drinking water with ice in it, during training can actually give you energy and burn calories”

She also recommends massages and workouts.  She says, “if you exercise, take steam and massages, the latter can break down lactic acid and relieves stiffness Also do not believe people when they say workout drains your energy level, in fact you feel energetic after a workout.”

Preity recommends weight training and says,  “Go for 3 times cardio and 3 times weight training.  Run at intervals, do brisk walking.  Weight training should be within 30 second intervals for even better results.”

Preity Zinta without makeup – pictures

preity zinta no makeup preity zinta without makeup

preity zinta without makeup

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