Priyanka Chopra – Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Priyanka Chopra , one of the most gorgeous women in India, and a fitness icon  can thank her metabolism because she loves food, can and will eat anything. She has a wholesome breakfast which include aaloo-parathas,  has rajma chawal for lunch and has fish or chicken at dinner  “I eat up whatever I  like, as much as I want. I love pizzas and the typical Muslim fragrant biryani. I do get stomach upset later, but who cares?” Priyanka giggles. . But at the same time, she is careful enough to ensure that she has minimal oil in her foods.

When she is shooting for a film that requires her to be in perfect shape or slim, she cuts down on her meals.  Being a workaholic, she forgets that she has to have food and survives on chicken-sandwiches.  Priyanka ensures that the food she has, are high on fiber. Though she has travelled the world, she loves Indian food, the wholesome Punjabi food, and the most.  She makes sure that she burns calories by hitting the gym four times a week. Priyanka skips carbonated beverages and goes for lassi or coconut water.

This is Priyanka’s average typical diet plan

She says, “I eat well like a typical Punjabi kudi but do not put on weight. I love eating home-made food and am not fussy. So I do have diet plans as such.  I eat everything but ensure that I don’t eat in excess with much oil in it.  So my regular diet contains food that people eat regularly like chapattis, vegetables, soup, dal, rice and fruits.  I drink more than ten glasses of water and drink lots of fresh fruit juices.  In the weekends,  I enjoy tandoori chicken, cakes and chocolates.”

Priyanka Chopra diet


 Workout plans

Priyanka Chopra has a naturally slim body which she takes to athletic proportions by hitting the gym for an hour a day and doing more of Yoga. But to get  a defined body  of a boxer for the movie Mary Kom, Priyanka Chopra had to build muscle and then lose it for Dil Dhadakne Do, which she shot soon after the biopic.

For building muscle for Mary Kom, Priyanka was put on a protein and carb diet and had a ten-day long intensive training with boxer Jharna Sanghvi.  For 60 days, she was training for her body, the way boxers do and she admitted on Twitter, ““Working on the film has been an exhaustive experience already. Every part of my body aches whenever I come from the sets. Now there is this training schedule. Guess I won’t have any rest for next 50-60 days.

Priyanka Chopra workout body

After piling kilos and looked beefed for Mary Kom, Priyanka had to tear it down, and look usual swelte and suave for the role of a businesswoman in  Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’, which has been shot for the most part on a luxury cruise-liner in Europe.

Priyanka was given just 20 days to lose weight and worked again with Jharna to get a svelte figure.  The trainer says, “It is not easy to lose seven kilos in 20 days. Boxers can lose with the right kind of weight training and activities like skipping and a controlled diet.  She followed my advice and achieved the ideal body in 20 days flat.”

Priyanka had to cut down on her diet; she gave up on the carbs and consumed only protein-rich diet. She began exercising daily and running for half an hour everyday to get rid of fat.”

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