Priyanka Chopra talks about the Mary Kom workout and training

Priyanka Chopra’s workout for Mary Kom resulted in a body that was close to perfection. She says, “As a woman it is difficult to develop muscles anyway as a guy. So, I had to work doubly hard. Plus, I would shoot for 15 hours and then workout for another 3 to 5 hours.  Mary Kom is someone who had a really tough life and it is really an inspiration. What I really had to focus on was stamina, quick reflexes and agility.  I had to learn the sport, a boxer has to pre-empt the move and then accordingly come up with reflexes. All my opponents were real boxers, so they couldn’t act, which mean they would hit me hard .  I had to take the hit.”

Priyanka hired fitness trainer Samira Jaura to help her with the training for Mary Kom.  Samir says, “I got a call from Priyanka to help me train her for the biopic. I had already wrapped up the one-year training routine for Farhan Akhtar, for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. For Mary Kom, I had to watch some footage of the Olympic champ online before I could really be sure about how I would train Priyanka.”

Samir says, “My intention was to make Priyanka acquire the look of the female boxer.  This  was tougher than I thought as she is easily one of the busiest people, I have ever seen.”

Since Samir himself, was dedication personified, the two of them worked on a schedule that would be flexible for both. He  adds, “Priyanka was busy with a lot of projects, Gunday for one, and then she was dubbing for Krrish.  We decided to put in the training in these pockets of time, to begin with.  I would then travel with Priyanka, wherever she would go.  I was with her in the award functions, and when she would shoot for her single with Pitbull, in Los Angeles.”

Samir was delighted when Priyanka finally got a 15 day break from her projects and the two decided to plunge head-on into the training process.  She volunteered to be trained in her recently bought bungalow in Goa.

Samir says, “ I am really impressed with Priyanka’s dedication and commitment. I called her Spiderman’sister because she is naturally flexible.  Her endurance level is also commendable.”

Priyanka who loves junk food decided to abstain from them completely. He adds, “For a month, we were into workouts, including weight and circuit training.  Then we decide to go for specialized boxer training.  This was particularly to get the boxer’s stance and moves right. Soon, the boxing training became a part of her regular workout.”

Priyanka Chopra workout for Mary Kom

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