Queen (2014) – Dialogues and Funny Lines

Here are some of the coolest dialogues from Queen, the film and funny one-liners. Kangana Ranaut herself wrote some of the lines for her character. But one must hand it to the all the actors, Kangana included, who did a fabulous job with the dialogues.

queen funny scene

Kangana – Indians sab cheez main best hai, kissing main bhi indian hi best hai. kabhi Emraam Hashmi ka naam nai suna? Uski sab filmo main dekho, kissing best hai.(Indians are the best in everything, even kissing. Heard about Emraan Hasm? Pick any film of his, he kisses really well)
Marco Candea- Show it.Prove it.

Kangana- Yeh log boat kharidne gaye hai ki rent karne? ……(laughs loudly). Mera sense of humour bahot accha hai, aapko dheere dheere pata chalega.
(Have these people gone to buy a boat or to rent it out?  My sense of humor is awesome, you will realize it slowly (laughs loudly)

Kangana – Mera haal na gupta uncl ke jaise ho gaya hai. Gupta uncle ko na cancer ho gaya hai. unho ne kabhi sharab nai pi, cigarette nai pi, phir bhi cancer ho gaya. Isse accha toh pi lete.
(My condition is similar to Gupta uncle, he had cancer. He never drank alcohol nor did he smoke, still got cancer. It was better if he had tried alcohol)

Kangana – Main india se hoon,Rajouri.Rajouri suna hai, apne honeymoon pe akele aayi hoon
(I am from India, Rajouri. Heard about it? I have come on my honeymoon, all by own)

Lisa Haydon – I like Benares, we get the best ash
Kangana – Hum log ne bhi best ash kiya
(Lisa refers to ‘ash’ as the drug, while Kangana refers to the ‘ash’, the Hindi term for celebration)

Guitobh -I am from France, it is not French toast.
Kangana -Nahin yeh sirf India mein milta hain.We get this only in India.
(No, you get this French toast only in India)

Yeh electric massager hain, this is for joint pain. I am taking for my grand-father.
Laljpath Nagar is in Delhi. Foreigners find Lajpath Nagar very funny.

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