Shaadi ke Side Effects Movie Review – Second Half is not the Better Half!

Shaadi ke Side  Effects begins with a lot of promise but loses focus in the second half.  The movie that was supposed to be an entertaining take on contemporary marriage loses its marbles post interval, only to get back to its groove in the penultimate moments.

 Story of Shaadi ke Side Effects

Siddharth Roy(Farhan Akhtar), an aspiring musician and his wife Trisha Malik(Vidya Balan) spice up their marriage with role-plays and a  fair bit of white lies on his part to keep the relationship going.  With time, Trisha begins pregnant even through Siddharth feels he is not ready for the responsibility. But the idea of postponing does not sound right for the couple and they finally have the baby.

With the arrival of the baby, Siddharth finds his life in a mess. Try as he might, he does not appear to be a good dad, at least not in the lines of his brother-in-law(Ram Kapoor), who is a role-model for fatherhood and a good husband.

Siddharth soon learns that telling lies is a good way to keep the marriage going.  He longs for bachelorhood, where he could have his way. So in the pretext of work, he goes to stay in hotels and PGs. But with him drifting apart from Trisha, cracks begin to emerge in their relationship.   Will Siddharth and Trisha find out what really ails their marriage and arrive at a compromise?

shaadi ke side effects

 Plus points

The first half is breezy and very entertaining.  There are some sequences that do  not make sense but the electrifying chemistry between Farhan and Vidya overrides it.  The dialogues are witty and many of the sequences in the film, are quite identifiable in real life.

Minus points

For a movie with a practical outlook, there are some really stupid scenes that stick out like a sore thumb. For instance,  Farhan’s character looks far from demented, and it is difficult to fathom that he will actually forget his child, as he gets immersed in watching a football match.  Then,  another scene in which Farhan asks Vidya to try the home-pregnancy test kit four times to ascertain if she is really pregnant, seems exaggerated and unbecoming of an upwardly mobile couple with reasonably sound intellect.

The second half gets sloppy. A track between Purab Kohli and Vidya Balan that could have been developed; is sidelined and instead, a character played by Ila Arun, as a ‘bai’ is added.  There is a lot of undue footage given to the hapless existence of Vir Das, which slow the plot

 Performances in Shaadi ke Side Effects

Two of the seasoned performers Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar, both methodical actors in their own right, spruce up good chemistry.  Vidya is quite at home with a role that is somewhat similar to her ‘ghanchakkar’ act.  Farhan Akhtar is effortless and unassuming. He is particularly brilliant in a breakdown scene in the penultimate moment when he cries, asking his daughter that her mom is not around.  Among the list of supporting actors,  Ram Kapoor takes the cake. He suits his role to the T


Shaadi Ke Side Effects is a case of movie making ke side-effects, a good premise let down by sloppy second-half.



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