Shah Rukh Khan baby AbRam in Happy New Year

One of the highlights in Happy New Year is the delightful presence of Shah Rukh Khan’s child ‘AbRam’ towards the ending credits. The boy has an amazing similarity to the famous father. If you compare the childhood pictures of baby Shah Rukh Khan and Abram, you will notice a marked similarity between the two.

Shah Rukh Khan confides, ‘It is unfortunate that I have to do.  But it is expected that one day or the other, he would be photographed. AbRam will go to playschool in a few months and I am sure someone or the other will click his pictures.”

He adds that the birth of the child was marked with mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. SRK says, “Abram was born when the story came out, so obviously I knew about his gender. But  I didn’t say it because he was struggling between life and death.  It was a very sad phase for all of us. For 60 days, we didn’t know if he would make it.”

shah rukh khan childhood photo
This is SRK’s childhood photo. Given below are pictures of AbRam.

shahrukh khan son Abram Happy new Year abram khan shahrukh khan child Happy New Year

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