Shah Rukh Khan Follows His Mother’s Advice

Shah Rukh Khan recently posted a picture of his mother Lateef Fatima on Facebook stating, “She would be 74 today and I would be slapped for telling her age. It’s a happy day today’.

The charismatic superstar owes his life to the way his parents fashioned him for sucess in their own distinctive style. Lateef Fatima, SRK’s mothe was the daughter of government engineer.  The actor remembers a golden piece of advice which his mother gave him,  “When doing your work, running a business or living your life,  never think of reducing your expenses.  Instead think of ways to increase your income.  The time and energy you spend on plugging holes, it is better spent on thinking of constructive ways on increasing your income.  This will lead to better results and a positive way of thinking.

shahrukh khan mother

Shah Rukh Khan has applied the advice to his heart which is why he is known to spend magnanimously when it comes to his IPL team, film projects, on his friends or any cause that he likes but at the same time, he builds his income from various sources. No wonder, Shah Rukh Khan is known to be extremely money-wise.

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