Sonam Kapoor without Makeup

Sonam Kapoor makes a pretty picture but without makeup, she can look equally cute.  The actress who is known to be one of the most popular fashionistas in B-Town credits her mom and her innovative streak to experiment with her look and clothes.

At the same time, Sonam Kapoor has no qualms about going without makeup. On Twitter, Sonam is her usual self, taking candid pictures of her along with her friends, fans, all and sundry. In movies like Saawariya and Delhi 6, she went with minimal makeup while in Raanjhaana, she dressed up like a regular Delhi-bred girl.

Sonam Kapoor without makeup – photos

sonam kapoor without makeup images

sonam kapor without makeup photos

    sonam kapoor without makeup pics sonam kapoor no makeup pictures sonam kapoor without makeup pictures

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