Sridevi on incorporating the spirit of fitness in her daughters

Sridevi has two children from her husband, producer Boney Kapoor, brother of actor Anil Kapoor.  The 51 year old still-stunningly beautiful actress has always been a health-freak and advises her daughters to do the same.  She says, “Ever since I was four, I had been working. My life would revolve around shooting, movie studios and home. After marriage, I do not see anything beyond settling down and having children, just like any other woman.”

Sridevi says that she is not really interested in having her 18 year old daughter Jhanvi work in movies. She says, “People assume that just because she is my daughter, she will join movies. Some people think that I ask her to lose weight, do exercises because I have films for her in mind. This is wrong; she is health conscious, just like me. I am extremely careful about my workout and diet. I play tennis with both my daughters, twice a week.  Also, I do not push my daughters to work out, they veer towards fitness naturally. “

Sridevi says that she cannot think beyond studies for her daughter.  She says, “She is young for films. I want both my daughters to get a  good education, I missed out on it. I would work from a very young age and though I was good in studies, I had to support my family and got busy with films.” While Jhanvi was born in 1997, Khushi(14) was born on November 5, 2000.

Sridevi says that she would not really want her  Jhanvi to become an actor. “I don’t want her to become an actor. Some people are even connecting some hero’s son as her co-star but we have a good laugh. I would rather want her to get married soon.”

Jhanvi Kapoor on her account however has said that she would love to be in Bollywood.

While Jhanvi Kapoor is 5 feet 5 inches tall, Khushi is taller at 5 feet 7 inches.

Jhanvi Kapoor – photos

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sridevi daughters photo sridevi daughters jhanvi khushi

sridevi daughter jhanvi kapoor pictures sridevi daughter jhanvi kapoor photo sridevi daughter jhanvi picture jhanvi kapoor photo

Khushi Kapoor – pictures

khushi kapoor images khushi kapoor photo khushi kapoor pictures

The two sisters

jhanvi khushi

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