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23 year old Suraj  Pancholi is the son of celebrity duo Aditya Pancholi and Zareena Wahab. He was born in 1990 and is young enough to set his steps in Bollywood. Suraj is strong –headed and emotional by nature. He is praised for his calm attitude even when provoked. The lad does not drink or smoke and is known to be more on the shy side.  His hobbies include dancing and martial arts which add to his skills-set while entering the Hindi film industry. But even before setting his mark in the Bollywood he managed to make it to the headlines, though for wrong reasons. Here is a sneak peek into Suraj Pancholi’s life.

Suraj Pancholi – Bollywood Movies

Suraj Pancholi is waiting to make entry into film industry with his debut movie that will not keep the viewers awaited for long. Earlier he was seen assisting directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Kabir Khan for Guzaarish and Ek Tha Tiger. The son of celebrity parents is said to be appearing in remake of 1983’s film ‘Hero’. To do justice with the character he has been attending acting classes and is dedicated to his martial arts routine, not to mention his interest for dancing.  The move Hero is a project by Salman with assistance of Subhash Ghai while Nikhil Advani will be the directing head. Pancholi will reprise the character of Jaggu played by Jackie Shroff almost three decades ago. Alongside Suraj, Athiya Shetty (daughter of Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty or Sunil Shetty) will be seen playing Radha Mathur which was then played by Meenakshi Sheshadri.

Suraj has good backing from the Bollywood showman Salman Khan. According to recent reports, Salman has asked Suraj to be in Hyderabad where the veteran is shooting for his next project ‘Mental’. Salman has been instrumental in keeping  Pancholi connected to ‘Hero’ while at the same time keeping him from the aftermaths of his recent tribulation. While Pancholi strives to enter into Bollywood, he simultaneously has to deal with something he never expected.

 Jiah Khan suicide case

Suraj Pancholi was accused and held responsible for Jiah Nafisa Khan’s suicide. Jiah Khan was a Bollywood actress who was in relationship with Suraj Pancholi. She committed suicide on Monday, 3rd of June 2013. She was found hanging by her neck in her room at Juhu. During the probe in Jiah Khan Suicide case police discovered connections with the junior Pancholi.

On 7th June, Friday, police recovered a purportedly suicide note written by Jiah before her death in which she explained about her relationship with Suraj which was supposedly perturbing for her. On 10th June 2013 Suraj Pancholi was arrested under the Section 306 of IPC. It was later understood that Jiah was depressed with her dying career and loneliness perhaps made it worse. High Court learned that the 23 year old aspiring Bollywood actor cannot be solely held answerable to the thoughtless choice of his girlfriend. He was then granted bail on July 2nd against surety of 50,000 INR.

According to the forensic reports it is found that Jiah Khan was drunk at the time of her suicide. Suraj knew that his parents’ marriage was not quite successful but he also knew that they would stand by his side. On asking about his relation and ordeal of 23 days in Arthur Road jail Suraj shares the experience.

Was Suraj Pancholi guilty in  Jiah Khan suicide case ?

Suraj explains that he met Jiah through an online social networking site called FaceBook. He found her to be a nice and a quiet individual who would get contented with small things. She was caring but also possessive about Suraj. Jiah had slit her hand once and called Suraj for help but instead he sent his staff due to some reason. On opening the door she fainted and was provided immediate medical aid. This caused Suraj to get in touch with Jiah’s mother in London by phone. Her mother asked him to care for her as she will be back to India in two months though it took her four months. The bond between the two became stronger during these four months and they fell in love.

Suraj explains that Jiah had a troubled life with hurting past. She had to live alone all by herself and had no support from anyone. The lad understood her emotions and tried to stand by her as far as possible. He shares about his strengthening feelings for her as all she was looking for was love from family. He also further explains that Jiah would come down to his house and would rarely be alone.

Though Suraj’s father Aditya Pancholi was against the relationship initially, he later accepted the bond after meeting her. The 21 year old aspirant also explains that she had a depression problem about which she discussed during their holidays to Goa. She also admitted that she tried suicide before. Soon Suraj understood that Jiah needed psychological aid and he was trying his best to help her. He also discussed this with his mother. According to what Suraj asserts it seemed that he tried to maintained distance with the late actress on her mother’s request. This eventually caused Jiah Khan to take such a daft step.

Suraj on emotional note explains that he still miss her as every object in his house reminds of her. He regrets that such a beautiful person ended her life without waiting for things to turn better. When asked about his thoughts while he was in jail the future actor says “I had no fear or guilt and in my heart I knew that just because we had broken up, it could not be considered wrong. I used to help her and have saved her life a couple of times before, so I knew I would get out. But I was in shock that my girlfriend was not there any more”.

Suraj Pancholi’s 23 days Arthur Road Jail Journey

Before his arrest he was called by the officials. When he came out of his building he was accompanied by four officials who took him to the police station. On reaching Juhu police station they confiscated his belongings such as cellular phone, iPad, laptop, etc. He was kept for four days without any connection to outside world before being taken to court where he met is mom. He was then taken to Arthur Road jail which is perhaps the worst jail of India.

According to Pancholi Arthur Road jail had convicts of bigger cases than his which is why he says “People who have been in that jail for long are better than the best lawyers in the country. They were amused by the fact that I was in for such a kachcha (weak) case for which there was no proof.” He saw what we usually see in films; conflicts between gangs who have fights frequently. These captives use spoons to stab each other. Suraj, for unknown reason, was kept in Unda Cell which is used for keeping terrorist and Pancholi’s cell was adjacent to cell that was once occupied by Ajmal Kasab, convict of 2008 Mumbai terror attack. Understanding dangers to Suraj Pancholi, officials decided to put him in another cell with two other occupants, a builder and another one was income tax professional. Finally, Suraj felt relief on obtaining bail on 2nd July 2013.

Jiah will always be a part of his life

Suraj was asked how he would feel that Jiah and his name will be linked for life now. On this is says “I don’t mind if my name is associated with her all my life as my heart is still connected with her’s. I still love her.”

Suraj’s tragic life has improved a bit since his bail. He has learnt to cope well with life and his calm nature has been of help. His life has returned to normalcy to certain extent. He was  seen with Ayan Mukherji on 10th August at a night club. However a source (suraj’s friend) says he only visited the club to attend his friend’s birthday. Junior Pancholi has found his ways of keeping himself away from the past sorrows. He now spends time in gym, acting, martial arts and dancing. But deep inside his heart the light of Jiah will perhaps always be glowing.

Suraj Pancholi workout and diet tips

He loves the gym and a fair part of the inspiration goes to his mentor Salman Khan.  Suraj found solace in gyming; he finds it therapeutic enough to take his mind off tensions and focus on what he loves to do. He follows a strict diet and includes green tea and oats in his breakfast. He goes slow on the carbs in the night.  Suraj likes to target one muscle group at a time.

Appearance in Bigg Boss 7

The most popular show on Indian television, Bigg Boss 7 has Suraj Pancholi as one of the contestants. It will be a great platform for the actor to reach out to the public and show his side for the audience to judge.


Name: Suraj Pancholi

Father: Aditya Pancholi

Mother: Zareena Wahab

Sister: Sana Pancholi

Born :  1990

Age :  23 years

Place of Birth: Mumbai

Marital Status: Unmarried

Height: 5.8 inches

Hobbies: Martial arts and Dance


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