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Sushant Divgikar, Mr Gay India 2014, is a Bigg Boss 8 contestant. Born on July 2, 1990 to a custom official father and a bank manager mother,  Sushant was known to be a brilliant student with interest in extracurricular activities too.  Sushant studied in Bandra at Arya Vidya Mandir. He holds a Masters Degree in psychology.

The 5 feet 11 inches Sushant is  a man who wears different hats. Apart from being academically sound, he is a talented dancer, adept at almost all forms of Western Dance, singing and is good with his debating skills. Sushant has also been crowned ‘King of Karaoke’ in Mumbai.  Sushant was a star performer in the TV reailty show, Big Switch Season 3.

Sushant Divgikar has an elder brother called Karan Divgikar, who is also a Gladrags model.  In 2014, Sushant was crowned with the title Mr. Gay India. He represented India on five levels at Mr Gay World, out of which he won all four, except the title of Mr Gay World. The titles that he won include –

Congeniality 2014,

Mister Gay World Art 2014,

Mister Gay World People’s Choice 2014 &

Mister Gay World Team Sports 2014.

Sushant Divgikar is known to be an inspiration when it comes to building a toned body. He regularly does Yoga, weights, pilates and indulges in healthy eating practices.  He hopes to start a counseling center for alcoholics and people who have issues with gender identity.


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