The man who slapped Gauhar Khan

On November 30, 2014; Gauhar Khan was slapped  by a man from the audience, Akil Malik when she was hosting the finale of  India’s Raw Star. Gauhar was clearly shocked as she broke into tears after this unexpected act. The 24 year old guy was immediately arrested by the police under Section 354 of IPC, and was produced in the court on December 1, 2014,

man who slapped gauhar khan Akil Malik akil malik

The reason for the man to hit Gauhar was that she being a Muslim woman, shouldn’t have refrained from wearing a short dress. It was a dismal ending to a finale which promised to be full of pompous celebrations. According to  sources, there were more than 2500 people in the audience with 250 bouncers. But even then, the man was able to break free of the security cordon, confront Gauhar and slap her.

Gauhar unable to understand, why she was slapped, took an hour to be cool. After which she regained her composure and came back on stage to finish the event.  Boyfriend Kushal issued a statement, “What happened is disgusting. It is the production house’s fault as it’s their responsibility to ensure the security of the cast and crew. I feel the security wasn’t tight enough or else how would a guy just walk up to a celebrity like this? What if he had a knife or acid in hand? There should have been bouncers on the stage. We are going to take it up strongly; we will not leave this guy!”

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