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Tiger Shroff is one of the hottest debutantes of Bollywood in 2014. He is  the son of renowned Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Dutt. He has a three years younger sister Krishna Shroff, who is also entering the Indian film industry, but as an assistant director to Aamir Khan. Tiger was born in 1989 and his original name is Jai Hemant Shroff.

This is the first time Tiger will be seen on screen alongside finalized female lead Kriti Sanon, in Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Heropanti’. He was also in limelight and gained attention as he helped actor Aamir Khan develop his physique for 2013 blockbuster movie ‘Dhoom 3’. Tiger is also a skillful football, having undergone training with producer Sajid Nadiadwala, who has been a lifelong follower of the game.

The movie ‘Heropanti’ released under the Nadiadwala’s Grandsons Entertainment Pvt Ltd is directed by Shabbir Khan. The movie is expected to hit the screen on May 16, 2014. Initial release date was set to 21st February, 2014, but due to Nadiadwala’s another ongoing project called ‘Highway’, the launch of ‘Heropanti’ was postponed. Another reason to push the release of the movie further was to allow prominent musician A.R Rehman to take his time and come up with good soundtrack for the film.

Tiger is said to be a hard working lad. He has been training on his body and flexibility since a long time. What complements his ongoing tenure is his continued dedication to athletic activities. He has been taking training in martial arts since the time he was four and from last three years, he is learning gymnastics under the guidance of coach, Ziley Mawai. This has helped Tiger to perform quite a few stunts for the movie, which will be interesting to see on screen. One of the interesting things to note is  that he has taken a full 360 degree back-flip for the camera.

During the initial stages of the pre-production, it seems that the casting team found it difficult to get a suitable match for the new comer hunk. Model-actress Kriti Sanon was the finalized candidate to play the lead female role in ‘Heropanti’. Nadiadwala and director Shabbir, had earlier decided to start-off with shooting with Tiger Shroff, without a female lead for him. However, later it was rumored that Sunil Shetty’s daughter, Athiya Shetty would be a perfect candidate for the movie.  However, due to unknown reasons Kriti Sanon was finally signed for the role.

Tiger will be playing a tough- guy in the movie, similar to the role played by his father Jackie Shroff in 1983’s movie ‘Hero’, which was originally directed by Subhash Ghai. It is believed that this movie is going to be an action-oriented treat for the audience.

After long postponed schedules, the movie has started rolling and the first take of the movie was shot in a temple located in Malad. To avoid security issues, the shoot was postponed and a set was made in Film City on the next day.  The buzz is quite strong for the lad who has been quietly working his way to build a dream body and dedicate himself to ensure that his debut act is no less than perfect.

Tiger Shroff  who has always been fond of his tresses had to cut short his hand to give himself a groomed look.

Tiger Shroff Body – Workout and Diet Secrets

The actor’s body is one of his biggest USPs and his workout regime is inviting a lot of curiosity.  His dietician Shweta Bhatia credits the young lad’s willpower and dedication to getting the results that he strived for.  Shweta says, “Even if Tiger has wrapped his shoot, he does not skip workout, even for a single day. His body is indeed awe-inspiring.”

Tiger dedicates his day for shoots and working on his dancing and gymnastic skills and concentrates on weight training at night. His diet is high on protein and low on carbs. Tiger has his protein intake in the form of fish or chicken and enjoys soup and vegetables. He also has multivitamin supplements.  Tiger abstains from oily stuff and foods ladein in calories.  Diet is 60 percent responsible for his body while training does the other 40 percent. Shweta says” He is at his best right now. He already had a good body and the diet has brought his fat percentage down.”

Tiget eats every two hours and says that he has been going for a strict diet ever since he can remember. He says “I don’t eat out much, and I mostly opt for home food and no carbs after 5 PM. You are basically, what you eat.  I used to eat chocolates on  Sunday but now I have stopped that as well.” On Sundays, he goes out for a Chinese or a Japanese meal. He has never consumed alcohol and neither does he smoke.  Tiger says,  “At home, we have a low sodium diet. Salt makes you bloated.  He also drinks 7 to 8 liters of water very day.  His weight  trainer says, “Tiger is quite clear about his diet. He eats boiled meat and vegetables.   He loves beef and ice-cream but those are only for cheat weeks.”

Diet in a nut-shell

Breakfast: 8 egg whites; oatmeal

Snack: Dry fruits;  whey shake

Lunch: Brown rice with chicken or fish or boiled vegetables

Snack: Protein shake. This is the meal before gymnastics class, so he keeps it light

Dinner: Fish; green beans or broccoli


Marital  arts and dance form Tiger Shroff’s cardiovascular workouts.  He aims for one target muscle each day. So he starts with lighter weights for warm-ups.   Tiger’s workout changes every four months.  On an average,  he does 12 sets of six to eight reps of each exercise.

Tiger’s workout regime every day (inputs TOI)

Monday: Pectorals, chest
Flat bench, incline machine and dumbbell presses. Chest flye. The weights are around 60 kg in each hand.

Tuesday: Back
Pull-ups, lateral machine pull-downs (80-85 kg), low & one-arm dumbbell rolls (100 kg).

Wednesday: Legs (4 Sets, 4-8 reps)
Squats (190 kg on shoulders), hamstrings curls (91 kg), step-ups (100 kg), free barbells and squats.

Thursday: Shoulders
Kneel and shoulder press (90 kg), military press, lateral raises (using dumbbells and the machine using 15 kilos), rear flyes (45 kg).

Friday: Arms
Olympic barbell curls (60 kg), dumbbell curls (32 kg), reverse curls (30 kg), close-grip barbell presses, press downs, skull crushers (68 kg).

Saturday: Functional
Dead lifts (250 kgs), squats (200 kg), kneel and press (100 kgs), plyometric push-ups.

Sunday: Abs and calves (10-12 reps into 10-12 sets)
Crunches, hanging reverse crunches, weight loaded reverse crunches (10 kg) and standing and seated calf presses (68 kg).

Childhood picture

Here is the childhood photo of Tiger when his father, the famous actor Jackie Shroff got his first Filmfare Award for Parinda

tiger shroff childhood pics

 Tiger Shroff – age, height and other  trivia

Born: 1989.

Height – 5’10”

Age: approximately 24 or 25 years.

Father:  Jackie Shroff.

Mother: Ayesha Dutt Shroff.

Sibling:  Krishna Shroff (Sister).

Profession: Actor.

Nationality: Indian.

He aspired to play football, with some guidance from his mentor Sajid Nadiadwala.  But Tiger says, “ I realized that you cannot live on sports in India, unless it is cricket. But that is too slow for me.”

His role model – Bruce Lee

 Tiger’s definition of fitness –  It is a combination of muscular strength, body composition, flexibility, muscular endurance and cardio vascular endurance.

Tiger has been practicing martial arts from the time he was 14. He has been learn Tae Kwon Do and Wushu. He says “Wushu is a Chinese traditional martial art while Tai Chi is derived.”

Tiger Shroff – Girlfriend

Though he is no short of female adulation, Tiger admits that his workout regime and busy schedule does not leave him time for dating.  He was rumored to be dating to  super model Angela Johnson.  As of now, his status is still single.

Tiger Shroff pictures

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