Uday Kiran – Suicide Reason

The suicide of Uday Kiran and its reason has shocked many people not just in Telugu film industry but also in the rest of the country. Known to be a cherubic personality,  the 34 year old actor went into depression for the past 3 months.

uday kiran suicide reason

Uday Kiran began his career in the early 90s and he looked quite promising with 3 back to back superhits in the early 90s. But he was not able to replicate the success that he began with and things appeared gloomy to him since last year. The police believe that fading stardom, lack of work and depression was the reason for his death.

Vishita, Uday’s wife found her husband hanging from the ceiling fan, on Monday night at 12.45 am  at their house in Srinagar Colony.  She started screaming and crying,  and the neighbors came in to rush him to the hospital at Jubilee Hills, where he was declared dead.  She was at a family function about 7 kilometers from their home and she had even received an SMS from him saying “I love you, too”

Uday Kiran wife Vishita

Tenants say that Uday had not stepped out of his home for the past 3 months and they had even removed their chauffeur because they were not able to match the lifestyle.  Vishita’s income as an IT professional was their only source of income.

Uday Kiran’s community members(Vaidiki Brahmins) have stated that Uday’s career was over after his engagement to South megastar Chiranjeevi’s daughter Sushmita was called off, in 2003. They have alleged that Chiranjevi called off the wedding after his brother Pavan Kalyan received a message from a woman saying that she was in a relationship with  Uday Kiran.

Arun Kumar, a renowned advocate in the Andhra Pradesh High Court has also filed a petition with the State Human Rights Commission saying that Uday’s suicide was plotted by ‘four families that belong to two castes’ who have control in the Telugu film industry and are known to sabotage careers.

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