Which is your favorite Aamir Khan character?

Aamir Khan turned 50 years young on March 14, 2015. As an adult actor, he made his mark in the movie ‘Holi’ in 1984. But he truly became the national sensation when he played the lover boy, in his debut as a hero in Qayamat se Qayamat Tak.  Very few lead actors in the world can boast of a long and respected career with consistent evolutions and makeovers for his characters. Aamir has always sought to constantly challenge himself in almost every film and the result is for all to see.

Aamir Khan is the undisputed king of Bollywood in terms of box revenue with two of the biggest Bollywood grossers to his credit– Dhoom 3( 2013) with 500 crores and PK(2014) with 600 crores. The actor has always said that he chooses scripts which not only entertain but leave a plausible message for the society to discern.

What has remained steady in Aamir’s journey from his debut blockbuster to his overpowering box-office hit ‘PK’ is the flow of unique and interesting content in his films.  Aamir  Khan is one of the few guys who had made almost all of his characters famous with each one having their own distinct identity and individuality. Here are some of the most memorable roles played by ACE Khan that have left footprints on the sands of time.  We are sure, he is going to keep them coming.

Aamir Khan characters

  1. Raj in Qayamat se Qayamat (1988)– Aamir Khan played Raj, the collegian who falls in love with Rashmi (Juhi Chawla in her debut role). The two decide to have a future together unawares that their families are at loggerheads with each other and baying for each other’s blood.  Raj is a sensitive man who wears his romantic feeling up his sleeve and charms his lady love with simplistic ease.
  2. Sanju in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar(1992) –  Sanju is a footloose collegian who does not take life seriously, a stark contrast from his elder  responsible brother who is preparing for the inter-college cycling competition. An incident happens that not only shakes Sanju off his shirking nature; he realizes his priorities in life which include winning the cycling competition.
  3. Munna in Rangeela (1995)- Aamir Khan plays the airheaded but lovable tapori ‘Munna’ who loves the girl in his neighborhood ‘Milli’ aspiring to become an actress. After she becomes one, Munna finds it even tougher to propose to her.
  4. Bhuvan in Lagaan (2001)- Tough times call for tougher resolutions.  Based on the fictional village of Champaner in the times of British rule, the illiterate Bhuvan accepts the challenge of playing an unknown game of cricket against the Englishmen, with the condition that if his team wins, the village is  absolved of the right to pay taxes for the next three years. The ever-persisting and confident Bhuvan leads his team to victory.
  5. Aakash  in Dil Chahta Hai (2001) –  Life takes the flirtatious charmer Akash from college to a professional world, he gains some and loses quite a few. He distances away from his close friends with a fair bit of misunderstanding cropping up in the proceedings The person who is allergic to love finds himself drawn to the most noble emotion when he meets Shalini (Preity Zinta).  This is one of the most relatable Aamir Khan characters in a movie that looks fresh as a hot cake, even today, a good 14 years after its release.
  6. Mangal Pandey : The Rising (2005) – Aamir plays the titular character of India’s first freedom fighter.  A friend of a British officer,  Mangal severs  his loyal ties with him when he comes to know that the British are playing a game of divide and rule based on religious differences.
  7. DJ in Rang De Basanti (2006) – As Daljeet Singh (DJ), he is a leader of the brat-pack of four, who decide to take law in their own hands, when they find that their pilot friend’s death was a cover-up to conceal their frailties.
  8. Nikhumbh Sir in Taare Zameen Par (2007) – In one of the most loved films of our times, Aamir Khan arrives a ray of light in the role of the affable and inspiring Ram Shankar Nikhumbh who motivates the dyslexic child Ishaan (Darsheel Safary) to pursue what his heart wants, rather than go by what the society dictates of the young kid.
  9. Sanjay Singhania in Ghajini (2009) – Sanjay Singhania, once a CEO of a mobile company reduced to a patient suffering from anterograde amnesia, is ready to seek revenge against Ghajini who killed his lady love in cold blood.  Aamir beefed up his body to an inspirational level with this film.
  10. Ranchoddas Rancho/Shamaldas Chanchad/Phunsuk Wangdoo in 3 Idiots  – The then 44 year old actor looked perfect as a 20 year old with many names but with one ideaology – ‘Dont run behind success, try to achieve excellence, success will come looking for you”’.
  11. PK (2014) –  Aamir plays the alien who has a hard time coming to terms with the way people live on Earth, their constant hypocrisy and their never ending row of calling God by different names.

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