Yami Gautam – Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Yami Gautam is blessed with a beautiful complexion, glowing skin and a toned body.  But all of that didn’t come on a platter for her. She has managed to get a flawless complexion and toned figure with disciplined eating and workout.

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The Vicky-Donor beauty  says, “Being from Himachal Pradesh, I have always been a rice-eater. But now, I am going for a healthier option, brown rice.”  She says, “I have been a voracious foodie.  For me, going to movies was more about eating popcorns and digging into a burger. “

Diet Plan

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Yami says that she has made corrective diet changes after finding out her body-type.  She adds, “I came to know that whenever I get spicy food, my skin would create rashes. So I have avoided them and now I take more water-based fruits like litchis and water-melons”

Yami says that she does eat out even now but goes for healthy options. She says, “I go for steamed dimsums and soups, they are tasty, light and fills you. She loves Thai and Chinese foods because they are healthier. “

Yami Gautam begins her day with honey and lime or pomegranate juice to flush the toxins away. For breakfast, she has a healthy sandwich with fruit juice or salad with vegetables and lentils.  This is accompanied by snacking on a seasonal fruit.

For lunch, Yami has rotis, vegetables or grilled fish or grilled chicken.  For tea, she has cardamom tea with fiber-rich biscuits, home-made poah, bhel or dry fruits.

For dinner, Yami has grilled fish or chicken. She also ensures that she has lemon or green tea on a regular basis.  She also takes fish-oil capsules and Vitamin B tablets.

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 Workout Tips – Yoga se Hoga!

Yami says that the 90 minute hot yoga is her favorite form of exercise to look slim, toned and beautiful. She says, “This kind of yoga has exercises being done under humid and hot conditions of 45 degrees C. It really warms and flexes the body. It makes you sweaty and you end up drinking a lot of water which is obviously good for your skin.”

She also does the TRX workout which she says tones up the body using one’s own body weight. She says “There are no machines involved but you lose weight quickly”

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Yami advises “You do not need not stop eating out, just go for a few diet tweaks and exercise regularly to get a toned super-fit body.”

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