Yami Gautam without Makeup !

Yami Gautam looks gorgeous, with or without makeup.  Here are her beauty tips which ensure that she looks fresh and beautiful all-day long.

1. Yami Gautam  avoids eating fried food. She believes in eating the right foods because it shows on our skin and our energy levels.  She has a thing for momos and even then, she goes for the steamed options.

2.  She regularly applies a concoction of turmeric, curd and gram flour for brighter looking skin in minutes.

3. Though she is a big fan of mangoes and other water based fruits like water-melon and lichi, she regards papaya for being a beauty-charger.  She uses the peel on her face to get a natural grlow.

3. She likes to splash cold water on her face, a beauty treatment that even Tamanna Bhatia sticks to.

4.  Yami Gautam regularly drinks coconut water, because it is good for the circulation and high on electrolytes.

5.  Yami Gautam has great looking hair. So what is the secret of her great looking hair? Well, again; it is all- natural. She  applies some yogurt with lemon and olive oil for bounce and smoothness.  She also loves applying egg-white on the hair for the shine.

Yami Gautam without makeup

yami gautam no makeup yami gautam without makeup photo Yami Gautam without makeup


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